Siren School

Now you’ve fallen in love with being a mermaid and mastered Mermaid School curriculum, it’s time to advance your skills. Siren School is a course for over 2 hours that will advance your mermaid skills.

In this course, we cover bubble rings, and underwater group tricks and games It won’t be long before you’re enjoying some time in your tail and the kids flock to you, so we also work on developing your mermaid persona, just in time to answer all those questions a twinkly-eyed crowd may have for you –  because you reside in the ocean, of course!


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What you will need:

A well fitting, comfortable swimsuit (one or two piece is fine), towel, Monofin/Mermaid Tail.  If you do not have your own, you can rent one for $15 for the class.  Goggles or mask are required for Siren School. We have goggles and masks to purchase to ensure good fit.


$99 + $15 tail rental (if you dont have your own)


Classes are on select Thursdays and Sundays.  Thursday sessions are 6pm – 8pm and Sunday sessions are 4:30pm – 6:45pm. Click on the Register button below for exact dates and times.

At the Pool:

Please arrive 10-15 early to have time to get changed, fill out all paperwork and be ready for your mermaid experience.  Only participants are allowed in the pool.  We have poolside bleachers for family and friends to watch and take pictures.

What’s Next:

Come back for Mermaid Swim Practices where you can lots of other mermaids, and practice the skills you learned in Siren School in a private indoor, heated pool setting! Its a great time of laughter, fun, music, and getting to know your fellow merfolk!